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Scissor Lift Table from Holt Storage Systems

So you thought we were only about racking and shelving!

Once again HSS have become a trusted partner to another North East company, and now supply all of their storage and handling needs, with a recent supply being a new scissor lift table to transfer product within this split level warehouse.

The ramp supplied avoided the need for expensive, dusty and disruptive civil works, allowing the new lift to be floor mounted and installed within a couple of hours.


Timber Shelves for Dexion MK3 Racking

Existing Dexion MK3 Speedlock racking was recently extended with the addition of new timber shelves by Holt Storage Systems Ltd.

The clients change in product range necessitated a re-organisation of their existing racking, and HSS completed the work in two days to provide much needed storage space.

Later this month, HSS will again be providing more support to this client, by the re-organisation of another racking area to once again increase storage capacity.


1176 Pallet Locations for County Durham Firm

For one County Durham based company, the two week summer shutdown in August this year allowed Holt Storage Systems Ltd to dismantle their old Dexion MK3 racking system and install new Dexion P90 racking complete with close boarded timber shelves.

Working closely with the sprinkler contractor, racks were dismantled and replaced with new racking one by one, this helped ensure minimum disruption to the client.

Weekend work ensured the installation was completed on time and ready for to provide parts for production once the site reopened


New Facility Completed in West Yorkshire by Holt Storage Systems

With over 20 various storage and handling products, Holt Storage Systems Ltd have recently supplied all the storage equipment required at a new facility for one of our clients in West Yorkshire.

Proving once again that HSS can be a ‘one stop shop’ solution, saving time and offering value for money allowing our clients to concentrate on their core business activity.

The project has seen us supply and install all the following items:

Dexion P90 Pallet Racking complete with Close Boarded Timber Shelves, Rack Protection Guards and Anti Collapse Mesh Screen

IMG_20150324_102733  IMG_20150324_102936  IMG_20150324_105538_panorama

Dexion HI280 Shelving; Each bay 900mm wide x 500mm deep x 2100mm high and fitted with 7 shelves complete with solid back cladding

IMG_20150324_102806  IMG_20150324_102845  IMG_20150324_102902

Dexion Longspan 2: Each bay 2000mm long x 600mm wide x 2000mm high with 3 beam levels complete with 25mm chipboard shelf

IMG_20150223_123027  IMG_20150223_123035  IMG_20150223_123011

Dexion Heavy Duty Cable Racking complet with Cable Coiler and Cable Cutter

IMG_20150223_122752  IMG_20150324_102643  IMG_20150327_122210

Dexion Cantilever Racking, Vertical Divider Rack and Light Duty Cable Rack, 

IMG_20150223_122911  IMG_20150324_102608

Workbench Units with Cupboards & Drawers, Office Cabinets and Hazardous Cabinet

IMG_20150324_103011  IMG_20150324_105103_panorama  IMG_20150324_105726_panorama

Mesh Partition Dividing Wall 3.6m High, Mesh Partition Rooms with Roof Over and Double Skin Partition Office complete with Suspended Ceiling

IMG_20150324_105459_panorama  IMG_20150203_153539  IMG_20150324_103143

Outdoor Galvanised Mesh Steel LPG Cage with Timber Surround

IMG_20150324_084916  _Troax-MaxiBox

Storage Containers (115mm & 230mm wide) & Mobile Safety Steps

IMG_20150324_102916  IMG_20150324_102922

Dexion Drive In Racking

When a warehouse facility was refurbished, the client contacted Holt Storage Systems to install new Dexion Drive In racking to provide 2800 pallet locations.

IMG_20141006_113633  IMG_20141028_095548  IMG_20141028_100513

Each block of racking stored 5 pallets deep x 5 pallets high and measured 10.5m overall in height. The installation was completed with rack mounted guard rails to all lanes complete with front upright guards.


Dexion HI280 Shelving in Northallerton

40 bays of Dexion HI280 shelving was supplied by Holt Storage Systems Ltd complete with tubular end barriers to protect the end frames from fork lift truck traffic.


Each bay is 900mm long x 500mm deep x 2100mm high and seven shelves and solid back cladding between back to back shelves and solid end panels to each run.

All shelf heights on the bolt free system are easily adjustable on 25mm increments.

Mezzanine Floor & Fire Rating with Outdoor Staircase

Holt Storage Systems installed this 438 square metres of mezzanine floor in Ripon, North Yorkshire. The mezzanine was fitted complete with one hour fire protection and an additional outdoor staircase unit.

IMG_20150314_132501 IMG_20150210_151329 IMG_20150311_152740

The additional floor area provided space for shelving doubling the amount of storage space within the unit.

Case Study : Newcastle Fire Damage

Large third party distributor and haulage company based in Newcastle upon Tyne, suffered a fire in one section of their warehouse. Part of the building structure required extensive rebuilding and refurbishment work.

As an existing user of Dexion storage equipment, and as the building works neared completion, the client contacted HSS. Together they were involved in the design of a new Dexion Drive In Racking system to accommodate 2800 pallet locations.

The new racking system would accommodate all pallets which were currently stored in other premises as well as offering additional locations for future expansion.

By working longer than usual days and often seven day weeks, HSS managed to complete the installation on time, allowing the client to relocate goods from the other warehouses, and back to one main site, along with their other operations.