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Northern Retailer Opens New Branch


A chain of builders merchants opened their latest store in North Yorkshire, and once again used Holt Storage Systems Ltd to supply the storage equipment

The new store required outdoor cantilever racking, pallet racking and vertical racking, all of which HSS designed, supplied and installed in time for the clients opening day


2015-10-15 14.57.06

Cantilever racking being constructed


Cantilever racking in use


Vertical Racking

Dexion P90 System for Furniture Company

Expansion for one North East company required additional warehousing space and the requirement of Dexion P90 Pallet Racking

Holt Storage Systems worked with the client over a number of months designing a racking system that could accommodate all of the clients projected stock while ensuring sufficient aisle space was left for fork lift truck access

Racks were designed differently from each other to store various types of packaging including 2.5m long stillages, euro pallets and steel containers

DSC_1253  DSC_1256

Holt Storage Help Relocation of Spennymoor Business

A move of premises for a Spennymoor based company required Holt Storage Systems Ltd to dismantle and rebuild over 200 bays of racking.

In total 190 bays of Dexion MK3 racking along with guiderails were dismantled and rebuilt in four phases, allowing the client to off load a few racks at a time and reload them at their new premises when built.

This phased programme ensured the client did not have to empty all the racks at once and allowed them to continue with their day to day picks, keeping disruption and floor space requirements for out-of-rack products to a minimum.


New P90 & Reposition of Existing Racking

Holt Storage Systems have completed the repositioning of existing racking and the supply of new P90 rack and anti-collapse mesh screen at a Middlesbrough site.

While the warehouse area was quiet just prior to closing for the Christmas holidays, the HSS installation team repositioned existing pallet and vertical storage racks, fitted new anti collapse to the rear of newly created single sided racks and installed new Dexion P90 in time for the re-opening in January 2016.

‘…the team were very accommodating and the racking looks really good’ – TC, Branch Manager

Shelving Installation in Co. Durham

When a client needed to reorganise the storage space of an existing lower floor basement area, HSS replaced their old shelving system with new Dexion HI280, Longspan 2 and Maxi Bins.

The new shelving was installed over two days with a week break in between, giving the client the time to empty half the area for the installation to commence, and then allowing us to return to complete the installation once the other part of the room had been cleared.

Upon completion the client started to use the new system immediately and commented….

‘your people did an excellent job on site and I would like you to pass on my thanks’ – SW, Operations leader

3000 Pallet Spaces for Logistics Company

Holt Storage Systems completed the installation of another Dexion P90 racking project in July.

The 2250mm long beams with 1100mm wide fames allow two Chep Pallets to be stored side by side and 1200mm deep into the rack, while also allowing Euro Pallets to be stored within the same system.

The original installation of 2744 pallet locations will be extended later this month by a further 404 locations bringing the total capacity of the new racking system to over 3000 pallets


Furniture Storage

A major retailer required existing Dexion MK3 to be repositioned and extended within its distribution centre, and as the Dexcion Distributor for the region, Holt Storage Systems were able to complete the works within one week.

After repositioning existing racking, HSS supplied new Dexion MK3 racking parts to complete the installation and provide more storage space for the clients anticipated Christmas rush


Dexion P90 Racking with Fork Entry Bars

An extension to a production facility in Sunderland also meant an increased requirement for tool storage.

Having already installed Dexion P90 racking over the last 3 years, Holt Storage Systems were once again called upon to provide more racking with fork entry bars.

Along with the racking, HSS also supplied 30 bays of hand loaded shelving for small parts.

DSC_0189 DSC_0188 (2)