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Speedframe, Maxi Bins and Slotted Angle

Maxi Bins

Maxi bins are perfect for the storage of small items whether the requirement be in a warehouse, workshop, stores facility, van or office.

Maxi bins can be stacked one on top of another, hung from a range of louvered panels or located on shelves to hold those small parts that would otherwise be difficult to store.


Speedframe Tube

Speedframe is a practical solution for your storage and display requirements and is the simple way to build strong, good-looking frameworks. Just cut the tube to length and tap in the joint for a smooth, snag-free structure. Add a few accessories and the framework becomes a bench, a trolley, a work station, a display stand, a machine guard, the list is almost endless and all would be made to measure to be exactly what you require.


Slotted Angle

First introduced in 1947, Dexion Slotted Angle is a general purpose product. A perfect everyday answer for those storage or support requirements, where either something bespoke is required or when a purpose built item is not suitable.

The design of the angle and the hole spacing means that no matter what sections are being used, they can be joined together. The position and size of the slots allows for the maximum possible number of bolt connections. Whether the requirement is in a warehouse, on a construction site or in a factory, Dexion Slotted Angle can provide the quick and easy solution that you can assemble yourself.