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Racking Systems

About Dexion racking

There is a wide variety of racking systems available and HSS can advise you on which one is most suitable for you.

Consideration of the following needs to be taken into account: the building size and environment; type of handling equipment (i.e. fork lift truck); stock rotation and picking procedure.

Once the correct system has been identified it can be designed to provide the optimum storage capacity within the designated area.

Accessories are often used to offer a tailored solution such as close or open boarded timber shelves, mesh shelves, pallet support bars, fork entry bars, rack protection, anti-collapse mesh and labels and signs.

Racking types

P90 Adjustable Pallet Racking (APR)

Used in wide and narrow aisle applications as well as double deep.

Racking Brochure | Accessories Brochure

P90 Drive In Pallet Racking

Provides high density bulk storage of same type and uniform pallets.

Racking Brochure | Accessories Brochure

Shuttle Racking

High density storage system which is similar to Drive-in Racking. However, once the fork truck has positioned the first pallet in each level, the shuttle locates the pallets within the lane – freeing the forklift truck driver to load and unload vehicles.

The reduction in rack damage, labour and number of trucks required to operate a large system can make the shuttle system a cost effective solution.


Cantilever Racking

Open front access for storage of long items such as timber and pipes.


Vertical Racking

Used as a manual system for doors, sheet materials and plumbing items.


Mobile Racking

APR racking mounted on mobile bases for high density storage.


Pallet Live and Push Back Racking

Roller beds (Pallet Live) or trolleys (Push Back) mounted on racking structures provide bulk storage system with easy access. Pallet Live Systems offer a FIFO (First In, First Out). Push Back System offers a FILO (First In, Last Out)